Cosmotech AI is dedicated to making innovation happen by exploring the nature of Artificial Intelligence and making it simple for our clients. Our continuous provision and development of current digital solutions serve as the foundation of our goal of bringing the future, today. 

Digitalize your Future

At Cosmotech AI, we help businesses become digitalized to help them adapt to digitalization and equip them with system solutions that will automate thier worflow and processes.

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Cosmotech AI continuously expands its knowledge of artificial intelligence to reach our target of developing machine learning through synthesising its existing software solutions.

Our Services

We create and design software programs using native tools – embodying all the stages all throughout the system development life cycle. This includes front-end and back-end development.


Software Development

Our team is an expert in developing mobile applications using native IOS and Android Development. We develop mobile applications for our clients to help them adapt to the fast-pacing digital era. We will help you digitalize your business to achieve a much better world together. 

Mobile App Development

We specialize in custom websites that generate leads and convert these into new customers. Our team builds an ideal customer experience for our client’s websites, which will help them increase the number of their conversion rates.

UI/UX Development

Why Cosmotech AI


28 years, working with many government agencies. Successful exit anything more to say?


From building a product or handling a project in a week, we walk the talk and focus on delivering excellent execution of projects.


We incorporate teamwork in every aspect of life – treating each other like a family.

What we Look Forward To

Synthesizing Artificial Intelligence to come up with our goal of developing data analytics – this will serve as our entry point in creating the components of Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Looking forward to an AI application that is efficient, effective, and with a better user experience that will increase business productivity. With the growing market for AI development among software developers. 


Cosmotech AI continuously expands its knowledge of Artificial Intelligence to reach our target of developing machine learning through synthesizing its existing software solution. This way, business intelligence like data mining, data warehousing, and reporting will be used to create data analytics that will boost business productivity.


Machine Learning is the type of artificial intelligence that will allow software applications to become more accurate at predicting outcomes. From Business Intelligence to Artificial Intelligence, down to Machine Learning and Deep Learning, our goal is to give our clients an efficient, effective, and better user experience.